The Benefits of babywearing

LÍLLÉbaby is all about providing baby carriers and wraps that make wearing your baby and toddler super comfortable, stylish and practical so you can experience the magic and closeness that comes from wearing your baby.  Quite simply we love babywearing ... so why do we love it so much? Let us explain …

 Babywearing is nothing new, parents have been carrying their babies in slings, carriers and wraps for hundreds of years. Of-course you won’t be surprised to hear that newborn babies want to be near you, on you and held by you but that need can make everyday life difficult and that’s where babywearing can really help.

 Babywearing can not only make life easier for you but is equally beneficial to your little one in terms of their mental and physical development. It’s important to remember that it’s totally normal to carry your baby, babies like to be held and in the early days of your baby’s life or the 4th trimester as it’s known wearing your baby is a great way of transitioning them from the calm environment of the womb to that of the outside world. When wearing your baby in a wrap, sling or carrier you are ensuring they remain close to you whilst you have your hands free to get on with your day.

 Babywearing helps your little one to feel safe and secure, they will continue to have the familiarity of your heartbeat whilst being soothed and rocked by your everyday movements. Studies have actually shown that carried babies are generally calmer, more settled and cry less. In cultures where babies are held almost constantly they are typically in a quiet alert state and rarely cry for more than brief periods of time, which is brilliant for both yours and your baby’s stress levels. Studies have also shown that because carried babies spend less time crying they have more time to absorb and interact with their environment. These environmental experiences stimulate nerves to branch out and connect with other nerves, which helps their brains to grow and develop.

Babywearing also positions your baby at eye level which helps them learn how to listen and converse. Researchers have also reported that carried babies show enhanced visual and auditory awareness. Babywearing is also:


  • Beneficial to your baby’s physical health and development. It also helps to prevent flat head syndrome and promotes better digestion.

  • Beneficial to your baby’s physical health and development. It also helps to prevent flat head syndrome and promotes better digestion.

  • Babies in carriers learn to use different muscle groups to balance themselves.

  • You can breastfeed discreetly in a carrier.

  • It’s a great way to bond with your baby.

  • Research shows it helps to decrease the risk of postpartum depression.

  • The closeness of babywearing stimulates oxytocin - the feel-good hormone for both you and your baby.

  • Partners and other family members can also connect with your baby by babywearing.

  • It’s super convenient - you can babywear anywhere even in places that are not suitable for a pram or buggy.

 You might be reading this and thinking,

 “That all sounds great but can you carry your baby too much and if I do will they become clingy and too dependent on being held?”

Well quite simply the answer is no, you can never carry or hold your baby too much. Research has shown that carried babies who have had their natural need for touch and closeness met in their first year of life do not become clingy or overly dependent, in-fact some evidence suggests that carried babies actually go on to become more independent, social, calm and confident then their non-carried peers.

 At Lille Baby and Me we are the specialist stockist of the Award winning LÍLLÉbaby carriers and wraps for the UK. The aim of every LÍLLÉbaby design is to provide you and your baby with the upmost comfort and functionality so you can enjoy all of your adventures together whilst building the close bond that babywearing brings.

The features of the LÍLLÉbaby All Seasons COMPLETE carrier

Our best-selling carrier is the LÍLLÉbaby COMPLETE 6-in-1 All seasons. It’s a great all round ergonomic carrier that has 6 hip healthy approved carrying positions. The carrier is ready to use from birth with no infant insert needed. Importantly for our unpredictable weather patterns here in the UK it has a genius zip down front panel so you can control your little one’s temperature. Simply zip down the panel to reveal a soft breathable mesh to keep your baby cool on warmer days.

 Other features include:

  • Two-way adjustable straps that can be worn crossed or parallel.
  • Zipped pocket for storage essentials.
  • Lumbar support.
  • An adaptable seat that creates near limitless options for an ergonomic fit that suits you and your little one’s shape, comfort and personal style.
  • Highly customisable meaning one size fits all.
  • Removeable hood.
  • Machine washable (super important).

 If you like the idea of a stretchy wrap then the LÍLLÉbaby Dragonfly wrap is a great choice. The ergonomic design is made from a super soft all-natural fibre blend fabric that is super delicate on your baby’s skin and importantly easy to use. The main body of the wrap simply slips over your head like a t-shirt whilst the gorgeously detailed supportive back panel makes sure your baby’s weight is evenly distributed for all day comfort.



Other features include:

  • Suitable from 8-30lbs.
  • Highly adjustable for wearers of most shapes and sizes.
  • Machine washable.

 Babywearing safety

 Whenever you are wearing your baby make sure you are doing so correctly. At Lille Baby and Me we use the T.I.C.K.S checker, ask yourself the following:

 TIGHT -Slings and carriers should be tight enough to hug your baby close to you. Any loose or slack fabric will allow your baby to slump down in the carrier which can hinder their breathing and pull on your back.

 IN VIEW AT ALL TIMES - You should always be able to see your baby’s face by simply glancing down. The fabric of the carrier or sling should not close around them so you have to open it to check on them. In a cradle position your baby should face upwards not be turned in towards your body.

 CLOSE ENOUGH TO KISS - Your baby’s head should be as close to your chin as is comfortable. By tipping your head forwards you should be able to kiss your baby on the head or the forehead.

 KEEP CHIN OFF THE CHEST – A baby should never be curled so their chin is forced onto their chest as this can restrict their breathing. Ensure there is always a space of at least a finger width under your baby’s chin.

 SUPPORTED BACK – In an upright carry a baby should be held comfortably close to the wearer so their back is supported in its natural position and their tummy and chest are against you.

 If in doubt you can always get in contact with us for any advice. We are always super happy to help.


Happy babywearing

Gemma @lillebabyandme